Rand Group
Rand Group Case Study

Rand Group

The challenge with Rand Group was to combine seven long established separate businesses into a single brand so that the whole entity was greater than the sum of the parts.

When Steve Barker joined to group board in 2003 he found a disparate group where each business had its own identity and operated in total isolation to other parts of the group. There was no inter-company trading despite one of the Group businesses, Linpave Building, being a building contractor who sub-let civil engineering contracts but not to the group civil engineering business, UCS Civils.

We appointed external graphic designers to come up with a group brand which we could use for each of the seven businesses and yet retain a separate identity for each one. We also appointed web designers to design a group web site which then had individual web sites for each of the group businesses within it, each with their own individual domain name.

As each of the group businesses was relatively small, the strategy of combining the identities was to help each punch above their weight and secure larger contracts than if they were viewed purely on their own. As part of a £55 million turnover group, each had a substantial resource to draw upon. This strategy proved very successful and as each business grew, we adopted a communication strategy of increasing the identity of the various delivery arms of the group, as they actually added value to their customers.

This was initially achieved with Rand Training and UCS Civils, where each had developed a particularly strong customer base. A separate web site was then developed for each of these businesses and all media releases focussed on the delivery companies rather than the Rand Group, thus helping strengthen their individual identity and endorsing their growth strategy.