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UCS Civils Case Study

UCS Civils

Having gone to extraordinary lengths to develop a new blue chip customer base, as a director of UCS Civils, Steve Barker, then put in place the staff training and processes to retain them as loyal customers.

The newly developed customer base would be the envy of any national contractor so it was imperative that we understood exactly what they thought of our business and the level of service we delivered. Along with the Managing Director, Steve developed a customer care policy and processes and rolled this out to the senior management team through a number of workshops.

Customer care was the second most important item in the business after health and safety. On every project we fully explored what the customer expected of us and then captured this information and communicated it to all involved with the project or framework. We identified the key individuals involved in the project and then assigned key contacts within UCS Civils.

As the nature and duration of projects varied in the early days, we developed a customer satisfaction measurement system appropriate to the size and duration of the scheme. Every customer was informed of the structured process we would use to measure customer satisfaction and what we would do with the information. Structured telephone interviews were carried out every quarter on average where our performance was scored on a 1-10 scale against several key indicators. These interviews were carried out independently of the operational and commercial functions in the business so that any service shortcomings were not immediately defended.

The feedback was transcribed and sent directly to the Managing Director for action and at the same time, copied to the customer who gave the feedback in the first instance. Action was taken on all feedback so that the customer could see that the business was acting on their comments and thus make them more inclined to give future feedback. At the end of very project a completion interview was carried out and this discussed directly with the customer by the Managing Director.

As the business secured repeat business from these customers, staff at all levels bought into the ethos of caring for the customers.