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Market Research

Successful businesses look outwards and forwards not inwards and backwards. Markets and customers lead all we do and we must take cognizance of them if we want to stand still never mind grow. Businesses need to understand the future opportunities within their current markets and look at new emerging markets. Business plans must be directed towards future market opportunities rather than just trying to grow the current operations in what might be a declining market sector.

Future business growth could be greatly assisted by:

  1. Market sector research
  2. Competitor analysis

Whilst working at UCS Civils, Steve Barker undertook specific research into some growth construction sectors in order to provide an assessment of potential growth in the markets and an understanding of likely barriers to entry. These included the power, rail and waste sectors. A market penetration strategy was then drawn up for each sector together with staff training and recruitment with the result that work was secured in all three sectors on a Tier 1 basis.